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Phylis Ranganai (26) 0777177048/ 0779218013
1 year experience caregiving, feeding, toileting, bed bathing, damp dusting, checking vital signs, changing soiled linen, bed making, taking samples, administering medication; with nurse aid certificate. Ref: Ms Ndhlovu 0734556895/ Mrs Kuwana 0773281290

Joseph Chokumanyara (28) 0788304251/ 0773469511
6 years’ experience caregiving, ferrying patients to and from different departments, changing soiled linen, bed bathing, attending to pressure areas, feeding, checking vital signs, damp dusting; with nurse aid certificate. Refs: West End Hospital +263 4251730/2 or +2634251728

Shamin Nyamandi (22) 0788830281/ 0718328847
4 years’ experience caregiving, bed making, bed bathing, bed making, oral care, feeding, dressing, pressure part care, charting, toileting, changing soiled linen; with nurse aid certificates. Ref: Mrs Judson 0772347885/ Mrs Walraven 0772351510

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