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Samson Dara (40) 0719208713/ 0785189019
6 years’ experience landscaping, cleaning swimming pools, cleaning tiles and windows, and taking care of dogs.
Refs: Mr Maponga 0718758960/ 0771215160

Albert Runa (36) Class 2- 0772123879/ 0713155959
14 years’ experience landscaping, planting flowers and maintaining the garden., experience using electric and petrol lawn mower, providing housekeeping duties.
Refs: James Lamp 0772400663/ Staphan +436766003372

David Mayereka (36) Class 2- 0773467664/ 0714261876
5 years’ experience driving small company vehicles and providing all messenger duties, with landscaping experience.
Refs: Joe 0772963452/ Alfonce 0778473039

Wilmore Chibanda (28) 0780150700
1and a half years’ experience landscaping and planting flowers, with experience using lawn mowers and trimmers, cleaning the swimming pool weekly.
Ref: Mrs Chibwe 0777857371/ Mr Chibwe 0776511200

Tavengwa Meki (38) Class 2& Defensive-  0771567416/ 0715546389
9 years’ experience landscaping, planting flowers and maintaining the garden using lawn mower and trimmers; with armed guard and security certificates.
Refs: Guard Alert Control 754291-1/ +2632427558665

Prosper Tembo (39) 0776335551/ 0775998463
11 years’ experience providing weekly pool maintenance, mowing and trimming 6 acres of land, property upkeep and all gardening duties.
Ref: O. Nyaguse 0774839928

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