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Titus Tito (59) Class 2- 0773126099/ 0712933292
25 years’ experience cooking Western dishes, African dishes, sea foods and baking all pastries, prepared meals for functions, head chef and worked as a takeaway supervisor. Ref: Mr and Mrs Edwards 0772353209

Ruvimbo Chanda (29) 0774057463
6 years’ experience cooking African and Western dishes, basic baking skills; with certificate in Professional Cookery. Refs: Wilson Kenyara 0772708999/ Telco +263 3086 8300 000

Austin Tembo (58) Class 2- 0773298041
24 years’ experience preparing African dishes, Western dishes and sea food, served tea and lunch, experience baking all pastries; with basic and advanced cookery courses, and baking course. Refs: P. Majaja 0778414616/ R. Manyere 0772440178

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